Things Fall Apart
Cock and Bull
Power In The Hands Of Idiots
Range War Refugees
The Last Supper
The Time Has Come The Walrus Said
The Spirit Bear
Mood Swings
Monster Movie
Life Examined (Dolly And Her Clone)
Life And Death (Original Version)
Life Science
Attack Of The Mutants
Topo Magic -Terrazo Floor - Sky Harbor Airport Phoenix AZ
Escape From Dreamland Villa
Bear Market
Bull Market
Night Of The Iguano
Chaos Theory
Uncertain Tea Principle
Wildlife Management
Half Life
Monkey Business
Earth Daze
The Rain Forest Alliance Committee Meets- Pro Bono - Rainforest Alliance NGO
Zoo-Illogical Society Meets At The Starlite Pool
Four And Twenty Blackbirds
Life Affirming
Life Threatening
We Don't Need No Stinkin' Badgers
Sara Sees The Angel Ascending
Tickets With Charon
Red Sky At Mourning
Grief And Transcendence
Grief And Transcendence - Artist At Work
Into The Forest
Reign Of Terror (In Process)
Still Life-Summer
Still Life-Winter
Still Life-Spring
Still Life-Fall
Migrating Mutants
Sacred Cow
Sacrificial Ram
Spare Parts
Cattle Call
Little Red Riding Hood Lied - Pro Bono - Defenders Of Wildlife
Seven Deadly Sins - Envy
Seven Deadly Sins - Gluttony
Seven Deadly Sins - Lust
Seven Deadly Sins - Wrath
Eating Disorders
Buffalo Avengers
Domestic Crisis
The New Watering Hole
Space Age Diner
Getting Groceries
To Boldly Go Where No Coyote Has Gone Before
On The Road To Mandalay Where The Flying Fishes Play
On An Otherwise Quiet Day In The Bermuda Triangle
Henny Penny The Sky Is Falling
E Ticket Ride
Doggie Karma
When Good Dogs Have Bad Dreams
Eating Crow
Hostile Takeover
Home Shopping Network
Wildest Ball In Town - Poster
Chaos In The Kitchen
Tea Party Gone Bad
Newton's Third Law
Jackson Hole Diner
Lust - Poster
Pearls Before Swine
Random Access Memories (RAM)
Monkey Love
Liar Liar Pants On Fire
Sticks And Stones
Hittin The Road
Carefree Highways
Goin' To Town On Saturday Night
Road Hazards UFO
Magpies In The Sky
Self Portrait (With Wolf)
Crow Bar
Counter Culture
Downhill Racer
Out To Lunch - Poster
Cat's Cradle
Forebearance In Studio
Forebearance In Tempe Center For The Arts
Dinner Party
Urban Renewal
Pandas And Poppies
Let Sleeping Bears Lie
Who's Been Eating My Pasta
All Quiet On The Western Front Porch
Paws That Refreshes
Mad Dog Ranch Roundup
Four Horsewomen
On The Fly
Dawn Patrol
At the End of Her Rope
Wrangling A Road House Romeo
Rendevous At Rosita's
Red Rider
Red Rider Ranch
Red Rock Double Cross
Out Of The Box
Snake River Sushi
It Takes Two To Tango
Suburban Ranchette
Annunciation (Self Portrait)
Another Western Water Project
Dances With Wolves
Happy Birthday Arizona
Lounge Act
Paws That Refreshes - Southwest Art
Party Crashers From Outer Space
Self Portrait (With Totem Bear)
Party Animals
Rumours of War
Den Of Wolves
Material Breech
Earth Daze Poster - Pro Bono - Arizona Earth Day 1990
Under Fire
Ebony And Artist
End Of Her Rope
Sure Cure For A Sweet Talking Romeo
Back At The Ranch
Bad Day At Orange Rock
Home On The Range
Caught Red Handed
Border Disputes Gallery Poster
Barrel Racing
Life And Death On The Gunnery Range
Squashing Billy's Car
Yuma Range
White Sox Meet The Cubs
Breaking And Entering
Singing The Song Of Their People
Smoke Screen
Urban Cowgirl
Rodeo Drive
Watermelon Whine
Took The Chevy To The Levy
Return Of The Native - Poster
Catching Some Rays In Marina Del Rey
Coyote Kids
On The Beach
Three Dog Day
Up In Smoke
Snakes In The Grass Hand Colored
Taking A Dive
Hats Off - Diamonds & Denim - Poster
Here Is The Southwestern Desert - Hard Covr
The Adaptation Of Bears To Life On The Edge Of Civilization
Gluttony Revealed
It Is An Ill Wind That Blows No Good
Who Left The Cake Out In The Rain
Roundup At Bear Creek