The Ancestress Hypothesis, Visual Art As Adaptation

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The Rutgers Series in Human Evolution 2003


Written by Kathryn Coe

Cover Art by Anne Coe


This book was partially written on Kathryn Coe’s studies in anthropology and her

research in Spain, Mexico, South America and the Southwestern United States

and partially based on intense conversations Kathryn and Anne Coe had regarding

art. In our society it has long been believed that art serves very little social

purpose. This book uses art to examine the evolutionary history of modern

humans. Kathryn looks at the visual arts of traditional societies for clues. Our

evolutionary history, she argues, was guided largely by elders, women, and

culture, the arts in particular.


Paperback book, 9 1/4” x 6 1/4”, 214 pages

Rutgers University Press, USA 

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