Here Is The Southwestern Desert - Paperback

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Despite its stark landscape and harsh climate, the Sonoran Desert teems with

life. Hare, hawks, lizards, bobcats, badgers, coyote — all live among the desert’s

fragrant mesquite and spiny cactus, and none can exist without the others.

Madeleine Dunphy’s poetic read along text explores all the warm and native

elements that make the American Southwest such a mystical place, while Anne

Coe's stunning paintings portray the desert’s plants and animals as well as the

dazzling colors reflected in the rocks and skies of the Sonoran Desert.


"Dunphy's cumulative poem explores the interrelationships between the living and

nonliving elements of the Sonoran Desert. ... Coe's luminous artwork includes both

panoramic backgrounds and vibrant action close-ups that will appeal to young and

old alike."



Age level 3-8


Fully-illustrated, 28 four-color images

Paperback book 8 ½” x 10”, 32 pages;

Illustrations © 1995 By Anne Coe

4 th Printing 2016, Printed In South Korea 

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