Anne Coe: Wisdom Of The Wild

  • Hard Cover
  • 2017
  • $50

By Amy Abrams


Part biography, part career-critique, Anne Coe: Wisdom of the Wild presents a

penetrating look at Anne Coe’s paintings and prints. Through the artist’s revelatory journey

exploring and portraying the beauty and mystery of life, Coe shows us a way back to the

instinctual self, fostering the restoration of our passion and creativity. Animals portray the

plights of people in her artworks, highlighting the compelling conflicts of our time: civilization

versus “the wild” and individual versus society. “The wild” has much to teach us in Coe’s

artworks. The artist passionately celebrates the land and its creatures leading us to a profound

reconnection with nature and ultimately, with ourselves.


This beautifully-produced volume, by Amy Abrams (renowned art historian and award-

winning author) showcases over 100 superb reproductions of Coe’s greatest paintings, paying

tribute to one of the foremost contemporary artists of the West.


Fully-illustrated (107 four-color images)

Hardcover coffee table book

11” x 13”, 122 pages

Copyright @2017 Ranthia Press, USA

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